Tournaments of Full Tilt Poker

Full Tilt Poker’s online tournaments have a good and high standard. They have a variety of tournament play with a variety of variants that have become prominent. By standard the starting stick is 1500, and 10 minutes on the blinds levels.

Standard tournament poker offers you:

Turbo – a shorter dark period structure
Cash out – When you feel like it you can withdraw 50% of your tournaments chips for reals money, then for more details                     Rebuy / addon – if you lose your chips you can Re-buy
Double stack – you start with double the amount of chips, 3000 
Super Stack (you start with many chips
Knock out – for each participant you knock out you get a reward
Shoot out – multi-table tournaments in style of Sit’n’Go tournaments

A new tournament concept that Full Tilt Poker has developed is CASH OUT. It is a good concept. What is unique about this, and Full Tilt Poker is that you can here take out 50% of your tournament chips for real money at any time.

How a cash out tournament works:

  1. Buy-in of the tournament is NZ$125
  2. You start with 1500 chips and double up to 3000 chips
  3. When you reach this, you select CASH OUT 1500 chips. By doing this will you get 50% of the NZ$125 you paid. So NZ$63 will be credited to your account.

Notes that you can choose whatever amount you want to print out your tournament chips to your account. Remove 150marker just when the tournament started and get NZ$ 6.30 in your account, and so on.

Full Tilt Poker also has a tournament campaign, which consists of two tournaments running parallel to each other. If you position yourself well in both the same night you win a large amount of cash.

  • November 11, 2009
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